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Are you asking your employees to use mobile apps for their work?  If so, you need a way to manage this securely and efficiently, able to deal with the daily changes in roles and requirements as people come and go.

The 5app Mobile Application Management system provides the solution you need, making it easy for to you stay in control of all the apps that your employees are using. You simply define which apps are available to which employees:  the system takes care of the rest, authenticating users and deploying the apps.

Most importantly, the 5app system eliminates the problem of unreliable data transfers that arises from using mobile devices.  Unlike desktop PC’s, the constantly changing wireless connections of smartphones and tablets can result in unreliable data transfers.  5app’s reliable communications technology provides the proven solution, delivering secure and reliable data. So you can be confident about using mobile apps to run your business.

5app gives you full control


Deploy any type of app through your own secure app store


Manage users with popular authentication protocols such as Active Directory


Keep business critical data secure with encrypted and reliable communications

5app's MAM solution provides everything you need for deploying, authorising and controlling the mobile apps that your organisation uses.


Explore the components of our MAM solution. Discover how our Gateway and Libraries work together to simplify management and maximise functionality.

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