When opting to interact with a mobile workforce through the use of an enterprise app, often accessed on a personal device, mobile data security is crucial. It is vital for the IT team to determine who has access to the enterprise app and more importantly who doesn’t. What happens when an employee leaves or the app needs updating? How can you determine who actually has access to the back-bones of your company? The 5app Engine requires a user name and password removing the risk of unexpected interference.  

If opting for an enterprise app, not only do you want to ensure the safe and reliable delivery of critical data when working offline, but the key aim is to also ensure an effective mobile workforce. By using a library that provides two-way, built-in workflow, reliable real-time communication, instant messaging and geo-location reporting, an app can be available even when the user is offline; enabling organisations to deploy both data collection and data push apps across multiple devices with confidence.

With the right approach organisations can deliver secure apps today that overcome current technical challenges, avoid expensive mistakes and support the vision of a highly productive business.