5app For Windows 8

Your app may not be running

  • Your app doesn't run in the background?
  • Windows 8 unexpectedly terminates your app?
  • Must use push notification to alert user?
  • Difficulties using existing web services?

Apps must work offline

  • Have to allow for asynchronous working?
  • Problems synchronising data when possible?
  • What if the IP address changes?

You can't rely on TCP/IP

  • TCP/IP works between two IP addresses
  • Different IP on WiFi and mobile data
  • Data still in TCP/IP pipe will be lost
  • Hard to handle from existing web services

AJAX calls aren't reliable

  • AJAX calls may fail
  • But they might have worked
  • Should you resend data?

POST data to 5app proxy

  • Proxy sends data to named user
  • Stores data and forwards it whenever possible
  • Automatically sends Windows Push Notifications

Mobile to proxy communication

  • Transfers data whenever possible
  • Provides scaleable and reliable transport
  • Re-sends and de-duplicates messages

Simple library

  • Connect as user to proxy
  • sendAjax - proxy does it on your behalf
  • sendMessage - to another user via proxy
  • listen for messages from other users
  • listen for messages from POSTs to proxy

Simple pricing

  • 1p per message OR unlimited pay per month
  • High-volume discounts available
  • Rent 5app appliance to run in-house

Get Started

Sign up, get 1000 free message credits and download our library. Build our example app and then add the functionality to your app. Add reliable data delivery to your own unique selling points.


Simple instructions on how to get started - for free!


Download our library and build an example app.


There's a simple API that lets you make reliable communications


A quick tutorial on how to build a 5app-enabled app.